Who is Arnold PTA?

PTA is not a private "club"- it's an acronym for "Parent Teacher Association" and that means the PTA is all of us associated with Arnold Elementary.  

The PTA board is the guiding force but they work FOR the students, parents, and school staff, not the other way around. The Board recommends budgets, activities, priorities, safety, and a whole host of other important issues to the Association (YOU) and the Association has an opportunity to vote on the Board's ideas. You say "Yes" or "No" and the board is obliged to follow YOUR vote. 

So, in other words, YOU as parents and teachers are actually calling the shots; it's important that you participate in Association meetings and Board meetings to let the board know just what you think!  

Note - Board meetings (not Association meetings) are held once a month and the agenda can be filled with a lot of items to review. You are free to attend board meetings but if you have an agenda item, it needs to be added to the agenda in advance. Please contact any Board Member at least 5-7 days in advance so we can add you on the docket.  

There are open board and chair positions this year. If you are interested in helping out, please contact any Board Member to learn more. 

This is YOUR PTA! Join Today  and participate -- come to Association meetings, vote and consider volunteering.