PTA Executive Board Members
2018 - 2019

The Arnold Elementary PTA consists of our Executive Board (those officers who are elected by the General Members)

Executive BoardNameEmail
President Desiree Tuzzolino
Executive Vice President OPEN
1st Vice President Colan Kwock FirstVP@Arnold-Pta.Org
2nd Vice President Huzaifa Kagazwala SecondVP@Arnold-Pta.Org
3rd Vice President Shazia Fazili
4th Vice President Mina Choi FourthVP@Arnold-Pta.Org
5th Vice President  Tamis Thorsen FifthVP@Arnold-Pta.Org
Recording Secretary Barbara Penhalegon RecordingSecretary@Arnold-Pta.Org
Financial Secretary Sharonda Ortega FinancialSecretary@Arnold-Pta.Org
Treasurer Andrea Camarena Treasurer@Arnold-Pta.Org
Auditor Dhiya Villanueva Auditor@Arnold-Pta.Org
Historian Martha Temblay
Parliamentarian Jamie Holcomb Parliamentarian@Arnold-Pta.Org
Legislation OPEN  
Corresponding Secretary Martha Light CorrespondingSecretary@Arnold-Pta.Org
Advisor Justine Lang
Teacher Reps Darcy Ogata
School Secretary Michelle Velderrain